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Batman Solo Movie: Fan-Made Deathstroke Poster Gives First Look

Batman Solo Movie: Fan-Made Deathstroke Poster Gives First Look
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Batman Solo Movie: Fan-Made Deathstroke Poster Gives First Look

Recently, it was confirmed that Deathstroke will be the main villain in Batman solo movie. However, it looks like some fans aren’t aware why the mercenary would be the best nemesis to go up against the world’s best detective.

Over the years, Batman has managed to amaze fans as one of the best fictional character in DC Universe. But Deathstroke might be the only antagonist to have stolen the limelight from Batman.

While the infamous villain had gained his fame solely on his character description in DC Comics, he rose to the top spot when he defeated Batman in a fist fight at ease. Slade Wilson has been force to be reckoned with in DC Universe.

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The presence of Deathstroke in Ben Affleck’s solo movie could also manage to steal the limelight from Batman. Recently, a fan made poster of the mercenary reveals the importance of Deathstroke among fans over other criminals like The Joker, Two-Face, Hush etc. Check out the image below.

While it has been confirmed that Deathstroke will be the main opponent in the movie, there were early speculations that other Arkham Criminals would go up against Batman as well. There were rumors that Matt Damon was to play as an antagonist in Ben Affleck’s movie but there’s been no confirmation.

Batman solo movie is currently in the shadow. Earlier it was revealed that Ben Affleck was scripting the film and Geoff Johns was also assisting the Oscar Winner. Furthermore, Warner Bros. has also not revealed a release date.

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Currently, it has also been speculated that Ben Affleck in fact released footage from Justice League movie. The clip is believed to be shot in the “Flying Fox”, a bat vehicle used as transportation for the League.

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