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Batman Solo Movie: CEO Jeff Bewkes Reveals Release Date And More

Batman Solo Movie: CEO Jeff Bewkes Reveals Release Date And More
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Batman Solo Movie: CEO Jeff Bewkes Reveals Release Date And More

Batman is still the talk of the town among DC fans; the next movie has been rumored to cast several Arkham heroes and villains. While some argue that Ben Affleck is still in the early stages of scripting the film, speculation suggests Warner Bros. currently casting the actors and actresses.

Recently, Time Warner’s Jeff Bewkes spoke about the financial success and the future of the DC lineup. During his talk, the CEO revealed the studio’s reaction towards negative opinion from critics.

Bewkes discussed the success of Suicide Squad at the box office and later spoke about Affleck as well. Before concluding his talk, the CEO may have revealed the release date of Affleck’s Batman movie as well.

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In the audio clip here, fans can hear Jeff Bewkes say, “Ben announced a Batman movie he’s gonna direct, star, write. I think it’s a year and a half out.”

Based on the CEO’s quote, it looks like the reboot will be released in 2018.

Some fans are claiming that Bewkes meant that Ben Affleck will begin directing the movie in 2018. However, there were earlier speculations suggesting that the Batman movie will be released on October 5, 2018.

If Bewkes indeed revealed the release date of the DCEU title, it adds more credibility to the Reddit rumors posted last month. Recently, a credible source hinted the existence of Talia Al Ghul.

So far, Deathstroke is the only confirmed cast in the reboot. However, since its announcements, there have been rumors claiming the plot will be set inside Arkham Asylum, similar to Grant Morrison’s version in DC Comics.

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