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Batman Movie: Ben Affleck Shatters Fake Title Reports, Reveals Production Details

Batman Movie: Ben Affleck Shatters Fake Title Reports, Reveals Production Details
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Batman Movie: Ben Affleck Shatters Fake Title Reports, Reveals Production Details

Earlier this week, it was revealed that actor and director Ben Affleck has officially titled his upcoming reboot DCEU movie as The Batman. Fans rejoiced over the progress Warner Bros. has been making with the solo movie. However, Affleck’s recent statement left audience disappointed again.

Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick were both part of a recent interview to promote their upcoming movie The Accountant. During their talk, the Oscar winner eventually began sharing details on his upcoming Batman movie as well.

Initially, Anna Kendrick began to talk about her recent incident with Marvel. It was believed that the actress was campaigning for the role of Squirrel Girl in MCU. However, Kendrick clarified her statement in the recent interview. She said that she tried to give an answer “that would not turn into a clickbait” when asked about her interest in playing in a superhero film.

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During the E! News interview, Affleck decided to share his perspective on the baseless speculations that surface around the internet. The actor and director said, “There is no Batman movie happening yet. We’re still trying to figure it out, get the script and budget.”

He added, “We don’t have a name for it yet, now we’re just going with The Batman.” Affleck clarified indirectly that the solo movie is not yet official titled by Warner Bros.

The actor revealed that the movie is still in the early stages of production. However, Warner Bros. recently cast Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke for The Batman. Furthermore, it was hinted that the supervillain will have a cameo in Justice League as well.

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Currently, it has been rumored that The Batman will be released on October 2018. Fans are expecting Warner Bros. to confirm exact dates in its movie schedule list.

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