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Baroness Warsi To UK PM Cameron: No Need To Demonize Muslims

Baroness Warsi To UK PM Cameron: No Need To Demonize Muslims
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Baroness Warsi To UK PM Cameron: No Need To Demonize Muslims

Baroness Warsi, the first non-Muslim to become a cabinet member, reacted on United Kingdom’s Prime Minister David Cameron’s statement — urging British citizens not to “quietly condone” the Islamic ideology — and pigeonholed the statement to be “demonizing” an entire Muslim community, news said.

Warsi told Sky News there was no need to demonize the whole Muslim community despite reports that there are thousands who express support in going to Syria.

In Sky’s Murnaghan Programme, the lady politician categorically pointed out Mr. Cameron’s statement as ill-advised and said to the extent that “it’s been misjudged.”

“It has undone the positive speech of Theresa May from 24 hours earlier. It was successful in gaining a headline but, tragically, it lost sections of the British Muslim community, the very people who are fighting the fight that the Prime Minister wants to fight too,” Warsi added.

The former co-chairman of the Conservative party, Warsi defended Muslims living in the U.K. and who adhere to beliefs consistent with the Islamist ideology of ISIL, saying such belief did not suffice any justification to attack every Muslim.

“I disagree with the view that you label a community of over three million, you demonize a community because of the actions of a few hundred or a few thousand,” she told the Sky News.

Muslim Communities Part Of Solution

According to Warsi, the Muslim communities in the U.K. are fighting in the front line and hence, part of the solution. She also said that instead of creating headlines saying to the effect that Muslims are part of the problem, leaders should empower the Muslims who fight everyday.

Mr. Cameron said last week that the Internet service providers and Muslim communities should stop giving credence to ISIL because it makes the terror group “so potent” and that fighting the ISIL is everyone’s responsibility and thus, everyone should stand against its values.

Mr. Cameron’s statement was made after reports said that while three British sisters and nine children traversed from Bradford to reach Syria to unite with a relative who was already fighting in that country. Their story was the latest British citizens who joined the terrorist group.

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