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Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin Plotting To Oust Recep Erdogan?

Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin Plotting To Oust Recep Erdogan?
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Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin Plotting To Oust Recep Erdogan?

Things are getting cold for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as two world powers seemed to have agreed that he needs to go. According to latest reports and analyses, both Presidents Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin agreed that the Turkish leader has been reckless and must soon go. Will US and Russia work to oust the Turkey’s current top man?

In a surprising twist of things, the United States and Russia both agreed to be advocates of the Syrian ceasefire. Even with skepticism from across the globe, the agreement was executed but it appears the partnership extends well outside of Syria.

According to Voltaire Network, Obama and Putin reached an agreement around two to three weeks ago that the existing tenure of Erdogan could no longer be tolerated. Furthermore, the agreement suggests that the Turkish president should be removed from office so as not to risk him starting a war. According to the network’s analysis, Western and Russian arms weapons are already entering the country in light of the said initiative to push the dictator out.

Jonathan Schanzer’s piece for The New York Times also spelled out how the world powers are seeing Turkey these days.

“The cool reception is not just a Washington thing. Europeans, scornful of his relentless crackdown on the opposition at home, don’t care much for the Turkish president,” write Schanzer. Erdogan will reportedly meet with Vice President Biden instead this week as opposed to meeting Obama and the full “valued ally” treatment he received in 2013.

NATO also became cautious about the country not just because of Turkey’s tensions with Russia but because of several reports linking the country to supplying materials to jihadists groups (from the Nusra Front to Ahrar al-Sham to even the Islamic State).

“In short, Turkey is increasingly an awkward fit in a multilateral organization dedicated to preserving the values of the West. Nobody really wants Turkey to go, after years of military investments and tireless alliance building. But it’s getting harder and harder to justify,” added Schanzer.

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