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Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton’s Weapon Despite FBI Criticism

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton’s Weapon Despite FBI Criticism
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Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton’s Weapon Despite FBI Criticism

FBI Director James Comey criticized Hillary Clinton and called her “extremely careless” with the use of a private email server. However, despite the criticism, Clinton has a weapon in her favor: Barack Obama. 

FBI vs Clinton

While Clinton will not be charged because of her choice of server for her emails, the statement of FBI Director Comey could be a poke against her competence and judgment. Unfortunately, the two traits are crucial to becoming president.

Even if Clinton’s enemies are not putting out attack ads yet, the New York Times suggest FBI director’s statement could be considered in the same light. Clinton’s campaign focuses on the idea that she has a handle on national security and she is fully equipped to keeping Americans safe. She has attacked Donald Trump, calling him “unprepared,” “reckless,” and “temperamentally unfit” to be president.

However, Comey questioned Clinton’s claims to be superior candidate especially with how she handled her emails.

“Yet in just a few minutes of remarks, Mr. Comey called into question Mrs. Clinton’s claims of superiority more memorably, mightily and effectively than Mr. Trump has over the entire past year. And with potentially lasting consequences,” the report said. 

Obama to the Rescue

Even with Clinton’s credibility on the line, she has a not-so-secret weapon that could sway success in her favor: President Barack Obama. Hours following Comey’s statement, Clinton rode the Air Force One for a flight with the president to North Carolina. Around 3:30 p.m. on the same day, she is enjoying praises from Obama as the two join the campaign trail for the first time this year.

“I believe in Hillary Clinton,” said Obama to a crowd of thousands at the Charlotte Convention Center.

“The bottom line is she was a great secretary of state.”

No one brought up the emails at that time.

Clinton has a good polling lead and even an excellent fund-raising advantage against Trump, but she needs to overcome two things: Americans still question her credibility, and the FBI will be of no help at all. Obama could be to the rescue, according to VOX, because while he cannot solve her problems, he still remains to be one of the most popular politicians in America.

More importantly, he is popular among the demographics that Clinton needs to win in her favor.

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