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Stimulant With Doping Agent Found In Supplements, Slimming Pills

Stimulant With Doping Agent Found In Supplements, Slimming Pills
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Stimulant With Doping Agent Found In Supplements, Slimming Pills

A new study revealed that a long banned stimulant Oxilofrine are still found in some diet pills labeled as ‘fat-burning’ pills.

BEWARE: A new study reveals that banned stimulant Oxilofrine, which is considered by the World Anti-Doping Agency as a doping agent, is still found in some diet pills labeled “fat-burning.”

Although oxilofrine or methylsynephrine has already been banned in the US, it is still prescribed for people with low blood pressure in some countries. In the recent report published in the Drug Testing and Analysis on Thursday, the study, headed by Harvard University Professor Dr. Pieter Cohen, shows that despite being previously considered as a doping agent, some companies are still using methylsynephrine in food supplements.

Speaking with the CBS News, Cohen slammed FDA’s inaction regarding the matter, despite the fact that it has long been known there were some food supplements using methylsynephrine as one of its active ingredients. Years have passed, and these chemicals, which should not be found in food supplements, are still being misused.

“We know that at prescription doses, oxilofrine increases heart rate and blood pressure. The question is, what will that do in a healthy person who’s exercising?” Cohen was quoted as saying by CBS News.

According to the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), methylsynephrine does not meet the legal criteria of being a food supplement. Hence, all food supplement products that contain methylsynephrine considered as a food supplement ingredient shall be deemed misbranded.

As of March 31, the FDA has sent seven warning notices to companies that manufacture food supplements that contain methylsynephrine as an active ingredient. At least eight brands of food supplements have been reported to contain methylsynephrine.

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