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Bangladesh Attackers’ Photos, Video & Facts: Wealthy Families & Western Educational Background

Bangladesh Attackers’ Photos, Video & Facts: Wealthy Families & Western Educational Background
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Bangladesh Attackers’ Photos, Video & Facts: Wealthy Families & Western Educational Background

Alleged ISIS members killed twenty people in an attack at a café in Bangladesh. Information about the attackers surfaces thereafter. The five men were identified as members of affluent families with impressive educational backgrounds.

The horrific attack happened at the Holey Artisan Bakery café in Dhaka, which is, according to local reports, is a hub for young adults coming from rich families. Of the six attackers, five were also killed and identified by their former acquaintances through social media pictures.

According to a report from Bangladesh’s Daily Star, these men hacked their victims to death. Those who suffered the gravest form of torture were the ones who cannot recite the Quran.

One of the attackers was Nibras Islam. His pictures were widely spread across social media. He received his education from the Monash University Malaysia Campus and the North South University which is known for expensive tuition fees. According to Progress Bangladesh, he was a musician and a great footballer.

A related report from the Bangladesh News he finished high school from the International Turkish Hope School. The said school “is not for everyone in Bangladesh,” according to the news site. His father is a known businessman and the family owned two houses in Dhaka. He also has three reputable uncles. One is serving as the deputy secretary to the local government, another is a police officer and another is a scientist.

The second attacker was Rohan Imitiaz who also received education from the Monash University Malaysia Campus. His father used to serve as executive of Dhaka city unit of ruling Awami league and a deputy secretary general of Bangladesh Olympic Association.  He also attended the Sholastica school that is known as one of the top school using English as a medium.

The third attacker was identified as Meer Sameeh Mubassher.  His father is an executive at Alcatel-Lucent Bangladesh. His mother is a teacher at a government college. He has an older brother who is studying at the University of Toronto.

The fourth attacker was identified as Andaleeb. He also received education from Monash University Malaysia campus and attended school from Sunnydale.

Fifth attacker was identified as Raiyan Minhai, also from Monash University in Malaysia.

Nibras Islam Photo

Nibras Islam Video

Bangladesh attackers photos

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