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‘Bang With Friends’ App Changes Its Name after Settlement Deal with Zynga

‘Bang With Friends’ App Changes Its Name after Settlement Deal with Zynga


‘Bang With Friends’ App Changes Its Name after Settlement Deal with Zynga

Bang with Friends App Changes Its Name after Settlement Deal with ZyngaThe creators of controversial mobile app ‘Bang With Friends’ have entered into a settlement deal with mobile game company Zynga. Under that agreement, the app would finally change its name so it would not infringe on ‘With Friends’ trademark owned by Zynga. Terms of the deal were not disclosed but both parties said they are pleased to reach a resolution to their dispute.

‘Bang With Friends’ is a different kind of social network app. That is because it functions as a platform where users could initiate the process of hooking up with their Facebook friends. It is like a tool that would take care of asking contacts if they would be available for a hookup without much embarrassment. Users could also select contacts that they want to have an intimate encounter with.

‘Bang With Friends’ and its journey

The app was launched online in January this year. Its mobile version was initially rolled out on Android and iOS in May. However, Apple Inc quickly pulled it out of its Apple Store probably because of the app’s issue with Zynga. The creators of ‘Bang With Friends’ was forced to modify the app name to ‘Down’ to meet Apple requirements but the technology firm rejected the app before it was given the chance to rename.

‘Bang With Friends’ is yet to reveal its new name. Its creators said that would be announced soon. But many observers expect it to be called ‘Down,’ which was the name it previously chose in an attempt to obtain an approval from Apple so it could return to Apple Store. The new sign-up page for the app invites users to ‘get down.’ This temporary name could possibly be adopted by the app across all platforms.

Trying to implement a deal

Zynga filed a lawsuit against ‘Bang With Friends’ last July. It has argued that the app had infringed on its property trademark. It also accused its creators of trying to get a free ride on the popularity of its own ‘With Friends’ line of apps so it could easily be noticed by Internet users.

According to sources, Zynga tried to approach the creators of ‘Bang With Friends’ before it filed a legal complaint. The intention was to convince them to change the app’s name. Apparently, those discussions failed, leading to the filing of the lawsuit in July.

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