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Baghdad Bombing: The Photos, Videos You Turn Away From

Baghdad Bombing: The Photos, Videos You Turn Away From


Baghdad Bombing: The Photos, Videos You Turn Away From

The deadly Baghdad attack left the the Iraqi Capital mourning the death of the victims.

The Baghdad attack, which has claimed around 215 lives as of this posting, are now considered as the deadliest attack in the Iraqi Capital in recent years. Less than two days after the deadly attacks, more bodies are being recovered by the rescue teams from the rubble and the piles of concrete across the city.

According to a report from CNN, families in Baghdad are hopeful that the rescue teams could still recover their loved ones alive and safe.

While the rescue operation is underway, the number of injured is also increasing. As of late, at least 175 individuals have been injured.

Children Victims of Baghdad Attack

The report showed that at least 81 bodies recovered was heavily burnt that identifying them has become impossible, unless by using DNA analysis.

Immediately a day after the Baghdad attack in the busy shopping center in Baghdad by a suicide bomber, lifeless bodies were scattered all over the place.

Many of the victims were children who were busy buying clothes for Eid’l Fitr, which marks the month-long celebration of Ramadan. The blast also happened during a busy mall hour.

One of those families seen in the blast site was a family searching for their teenage son who went to the mall together with his friend to celebrate his birthday.

The blast, which the terrorist group ISIS claimed responsibility for, also claimed the lives of talented Iraqi artists, Newsweek reported.

Adel Al-Jaf, who also goes by the name of Adel Euro, a popular Iraqi dancer was one of those died in the blast. But before the incident, Adel Euro posted on his Facebook account on June 25 that he went back to dancing for his life.

“After four months of leaving the dance, I went back to dance, to creativity, to my life,” Adel Euro.

Newsweek reported that it’s not the first time that the same incident happened to Adel Euro. In fact, the singer/rapper was able to survive a bombing in 2015.

For Sadeq al Zawini, 25, the local government was the only one to blame for the tragedy.

“We’ve had it with the Iraqi government and politicians. They can’t continue blaming Daesh and other terrorist groups. We need a solution. I lost several friends myself, some are still missing,” he said as quoted by CNN.

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