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Technology Rebrands into Extension Called Agora

The founders of were striving hard to build a shopping extension using the name of a ‘Baggg’. The purpose of such a site was to allow the users to compare the shop between products and sites. However, the name was too complex to attract the people. Hence the need for rebranding the site arose. The founders had nearly achieved their target, but they realized soon that the sites with three Gs in its name have already taken up by BeeGeeGeeGees.

To sort out the problem, the founders have come up with the rebranded name of the site as Agora. The new brand name provides easy and convenient way to shop online from a variety of sites. The founders are now gathering the beta signups and hope to get this does in this quarter.

The service performs essentially the same thing as You still dump items into a persistent shopping bag. However, the branding is completely rethought and the technology is fairly smoother. The most interesting fact is that the entire team is working out from a small town in Lowa that lies remotely from the glamour, fancy vines, and glitz of the Valley.

The programmers of the site see Google shopping as their major competitor. The other similar sites like Wanelo, Fancy, and the media sites such as Pinterest have created an extension for browser that resides on top of the major sites for shopping as well as creates the card for universal shopping. Agora plays the same role for people who love shopping as Microsoft Word does the job for writing lovers.

The aim of the company is not to build a social platform. Instead, it is trying to make a set of tools to make online shopping faster, easy, enjoyable and convenient.

You can drag and drop he products from plenty of sites such as Amazon. Agora appears at the bottom of the screen for dropping the items for shopping. Agora provides you the opportunity to pursue the shopping later on with a central database maintained for all you chosen items.

The current version of the Agora is to help the people right throughout their shopping phase from beginning till the end. The people are interested in the services of Baggg, but the name was so much odd that it needed to be rebranded. Agora is the right solution to the rebranding of shabby older version.

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