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Bad News, Gamers: Red Dead Redemption On Xbox One Was An “ERROR”

Bad News, Gamers: Red Dead Redemption On Xbox One Was An “ERROR”
Red Dead Redemption – Rockstar action_1971/Flickr CC BY SA 2.0


Bad News, Gamers: Red Dead Redemption On Xbox One Was An “ERROR”

Red Dead Redemption on Xbox One was the news that made Xbox players go crazy. The internet was full of the “How To” of the game. As it was not available in the “Search” section, there were articles on how to play Red Dead Redemption on Xbox One. Oh! There was one on MNU, as well.

After all the buzz and the news spreading like wildfire, a full-stop has been put to our excitement. Red Dead Redemption, which was said to have come to Xbox One due to Backward Compatibility, was an “error.” Yes, the game was never officially made available on the console. Being an error, Red Dead Redemption has now been taken down.

Confirming that Red Dead Redemption was an error, Major Nelson on Reddit wrote, “Microsoft tests all Xbox 360 games with our emulator to ensure a quality experience across a breadth of titles. Due to an error, some of the games currently in test were accidentally made available. We have since removed access to those games, and apologize for any confusion this may have caused. We will have more information on upcoming releases soon.” On the read, CaptnAwesomeGuy, a Redditor asked Major Nelson whether Black Ops 2 is being pursued. Major Nelson then replied saying, “We would love to bring as many Xbox 360 games to Xbox One as we can..”

Can we then expect Red Dead Redemption to come to Xbox One once again? Since it is confirmed that this was one of the games that was tested for Xbox One, can we say that it may sooner or later hit your console? It is safe to say that. If that happens, the “error” won’t remain an error for long.

Keep watching this space for more Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Gold updates.

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