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Bachelor Sam Wood Questions His Relationship With Heather Maltman

Bachelor Sam Wood Questions His Relationship With Heather Maltman

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Bachelor Sam Wood Questions His Relationship With Heather Maltman

The Bachelor Australia

It is a well-known fact that Sam Wood and Heather Maltman get along whenever they meet. They share great chemistry and have a great time on the show “The Bachelor Australia.” But now Sam Wood questions his relationship with Heather, the front runner of the show. Let’s find out what his doubt is.

In a talk with Woman’s Day Magazine Sam Wood, the good-looking 35-year-old hunk used the word mates while referencing to the brunette actress. He doubts if it is just friendship that they share between them, saying, “Are we just mates?” He also said, “Can our superb friendship blossom right in to a lovely romance or are we really, amazing mates?” He might be just questioning himself before he can take a final decision.

In Sam’s words, “I am beginning to really feel like we are heading in to in that friendship zone, and in that is not where I would like this go.” However, viewers may think in a different way as the two one-on-one dates they were a part of were electrical. They share great chemistry and the dates have magical feels, too.

Holding the lady in his hand and giving her kisses have always been a part of a date for Sam Wood. However, Heather was not the only woman who got the pleasure of kissing the handsome hunk. Snezana, Sarah, Nina and Emily also had the luck.

Throughout the show, Heather acted like a confidante and a pal for Wood. With Lana Jeavons entering the show, the whole atmosphere seems to have changed. Sam is getting more and more interested on the gate crasher who may have already crashed the door of his heart, too.

The bachelor, Sam Wood, is about to make his final decision on September 17 at 7.30 p.m. on Ten Network. Stay tuned as we bring more news.

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