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‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Season 2 Ends With Dramatic Proposal

‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Season 2 Ends With Dramatic Proposal
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‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Season 2 Ends With Dramatic Proposal

Ferguson took to social media and posted that she is now seeing Jonathan Holloway, another contestant of “Bachelor in Paradise.”

The dream run of “Bachelor in Paradise” season 2 has come to an end. The finale has been superlative in many ways but the impact of the show may not be that much for the participants. In the finale of the show Justin Reich, the Naperville fitness trainer, proposed to makeup artist Cassandra Ferguson and asked if she would like to continue her relationship with him after the show is over. Ferguson was overwhelmed and accepted his proposal.

The 23-year-old makeup artist was happy to accept the proposal from the fitness trainer but what starts well may not end that well, too. Just after two months of shooting the finale, Ferguson took to social media and posted that she is now seeing Jonathan Holloway, another contestant of “Bachelor in Paradise.”

The relationship between Reich and Ferguson was never too bright during the show. Early in the episode, Ferguson said that she does not want to spend the night with Reich in a “fantasy suite.” However, in the end she admitted of a relationship, which eventually broke off.

Reich and Ferguson is not the only couple committing to a relationship in the show. The other former “The Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” contestants who committed to be together are Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert, and Samantha Steffen and Nick Peterson.

While these are the happy endings that the show has delivered, there are some sad endings, too. Tenley Molzahn and Joshua Albers decided to stay apart after the show ends. Carly and Kirk’s painful breakup was also a part of the show. Kirk was scared that Carly may want kids, a house to buy, and may stop doing fitness activity everyday. Is it enough reason to break up? We are only left with questions.

“Bachelor in Paradise” is a show that welcomes contestants from “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” who failed to win in their respective seasons. The prize money of the show is only love but that also seems nonexistent. The only positive result from “Bachelor in Paradise” season 2 is the engagement between Roper and Tolbert. The couple has decided to marry next year. We will wait and watch the future of such commitment.

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