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Bachelor In Paradise 2015 Season 2 Recap

Bachelor In Paradise 2015 Season 2 Recap
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Bachelor In Paradise 2015 Season 2 Recap

The most anticipated new season of TV, dating reality show “Bachelor in Paradise,” premiered its first episode on Sunday, showcasing a surprise wedding of last season’s popular couple Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul. The pair got engaged during last season’s finale.


Sunday episode featured Jillian, who confessed she got a boob job in preparation for her “man buffet on the beach.” Jillian is known for being so confident in sporting barely-there bikinis that warrant censoring. Expect her to heat up the show this season as she shows off her better twins.

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An Obsession With Jade

In Soules’ season of “The Bachelor,” Jade got booted out from the show immediately after her confession on her gig with Playboy magazine. Now that she’s back on “Bachelor in Paradise,” she is optimistic her love charm will work out for her. At least five guys compete to get her attention. Last Sunday, she dated Tanner who, after the date, was quoted as saying, “I’m already feeling more of a connection with Jade in one night than I did with Kaitlyn the entire season.”

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Ashley Iaconetti’s Got An Excess Baggage

Show host Chris Harrison announced Ashley I and younger sister Lauren, whom she brought to the show, are a package deal so that when either of them receives a rose at the end of the week, both are staying. But Ashley seemed to start the season slow, as despite being successful in asking Jared out, she was unable to make the evening magical, so to speak. Both of them sat in silence almost throughout the date.

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Ashley Salter Rushed To Hospital

Ashley Salter is supposedly fine, if not for being projected with a crazy, if not hilarious image. On the first episode of “Bachelor in Paradise,” she was shown to have been admitted to a hospital for a still unknown reason. In a report from Bustle, the reality dating show was accused of being deliberate in editing Ashley Salter footage to make her appear the “crazy one” since the first season.

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Better Late Than Never

Clare is another recurring cast on this show’s season and she appears to be unperturbed about the tough competition. The confident Clare made known to everyone she is interested in Jared, Kirk and Tanner who are reportedly “claimed” and that she will not “settle for anything less.”

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