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‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Finale – Live Television Wedding?

‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Finale – Live Television Wedding?
ABC13 news channel studio. Ed Schipul/Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 2.0

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‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Finale – Live Television Wedding?

Fans almost got to see a live wedding on “The Bachelor” season 20 finale. If only Chris Harrison’s prodding worked.

As the show started, the Bachelor finale picked up where the show left off last week. Lauren Bushnell and JoJo Fletcher are feeling extremely excited knowing they’re the final two women and that one of them will end up in the arms of Ben forever.

When Higgins finally chose Bushnell over Fletcher after all the confusion and crying, fans could not be more excited to see the two. E News reported that Harrison felt the crowd’s energy and tried his hardest to get the two to tie the knot in the last couple of minutes of the show. But he was not successful.

Harrison reminded what Higgins told him last time they talked. “I’m in love [with Lauren] and I would marry her tomorrow if I could,” is what Higgins said.

As Higgins nervously laughed, Harrison prodded him even more by saying the pastor is already there. “I know a pastor and dear friend of yours … we can do this right here right now!” Harrison said.

While Higgins and Bushnell started becoming even more nervous, Harrison pointed how prepared Bushnell is with her white dress. “Lauren, you are wearing white,” Harrison pointed out. “Ben, it’s your move, my friend!”

The host then called out a famed jeweler in the audience. “By the way, Neil Lane is here with the wedding band,” Harrison pressed, gesturing to the man in the crowd.

Higgins finally snapped out of it and explained why he and Bushnell cannot tie the knot just yet, giving a completely romantic reason. He said he owes Bushnell a “traditional wedding.” No one can argue with that.

Higgins however, appeased disappointed fans by getting down his knee again and doing a second proposal. This time around, he did in front of his hometown pastor and both his and Lauren’s families. It was a move guaranteed to make fans swoon.

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