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Baby Wipes Unsafe: Parents Unknowingly Causing Harm To Children – Reports

Baby Wipes Unsafe: Parents Unknowingly Causing Harm To Children – Reports
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Baby Wipes Unsafe: Parents Unknowingly Causing Harm To Children – Reports

Baby wipes are convenient to use especially for diaper changes, messy toddlers and dirty toys. But a recent report pointed to a harmful side effect of using baby wipes.

Several studies surfaced and investigated on the effects of baby wipes. According to Health Eternally, doctors advised against the use of these wipes because exposure to chemicals in baby wipes post severe risks.

NBC News reported that it is due to one key ingredient why these wipes are unsafe. The research showed how children’s skin changed, leaving the child with an itchy, red-rashed and scaly skin.

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According to Snopes, the harmful “chemical” which has been claimed to cause reactions is called methylisothiazolinone.

The article by Health Eternally has been criticised for not having ample information and it has also been claimed that it bore nominal information on the toxicity of baby wipes and rather dealt on sensitivities and allergies rather than encouraging parents to cease the use of it.

It has been reported by Snopes that a very small number of children have been affected by it after a study on this concern was published in 2014.

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In 2016, Huggies had replied to a worried parent stating: “Hi Ashley – Nothing is more important than the health and safety of the families who use our products. We evaluated alternative preservative options perfect for babies with allergic sensitivity to MI preservatives and we’re pleased to say that all of our baby wipes transitioned to our MI-free formula in 2014.”

While in another case Pampers had given a reply stating: “Pampers Baby Wipes and diapers do not contain methylisothiazolinone or methylchloroisothiazolinone.

These responses were obtained by Snopes.

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Dr. Mary Wu Chang, a dermatologist and pediatrics associate professor at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, conducted an experiment on children where she ended up with six unique reactions.

One girl who was eight years old, had her buttocks and her mouth ending up with a stern rash. Dr. Chang hence, narrowed the problem down to baby wipes due to the location of the rash and confirmed it after asking the mother.

The rashes went away after the mother ceased to use baby wipes. Dr. Chang for a year and half had found five other kids with the similar reaction. After her research on the little girl, she advised parents of these five kids to stop the use of baby wipes.

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