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Baby Wipes Not Safe For Kids, Cause Horrible Infections, Report

Baby Wipes Not Safe For Kids, Cause Horrible Infections, Report
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Baby Wipes Not Safe For Kids, Cause Horrible Infections, Report

A new study has revealed that baby wipes may present rashes and the children’s skin.

Doctors have recommended that using baby wipes should be completely stopped for the significant risk they present in the form of itchy, scaly and red rashes on the children’s skin.

While baby wipes have not been known to cause any allergic reactions until now, a new study highlights this may be so because these reactions may have been interpreted as conditions including eczema, impetigo and psoriasis, as reported by NBC News.

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Dr. Mary Wu Chang, co-author of the study, reported six children who were brought into the UConn Health Center after developing what she said were mysterious rashes. The first of these children was an eight year old who had rashes around her mouth and buttocks. While the child was initially treated with antibiotics and steroids, the rashes returned after some time.

On conducting her research, as was noted in Health Eternally, Dr. Chang stumbled upon a case that involved a Belgian man contracting a chemical and allergic reaction to methylisothiazolinone, a preservative associated with the baby wipe that was being used on the eight year old child.

When the child was tested for the preservative, Dr. Chang found an allergic reaction to the chemical. After the mother stopped using the wipes, the rashes stopped appearing.

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Five more children were brought in the UConn center over a period of 22 months with the same kind of rashes.

Diaper rash, according to Pampers, is “very common.”

“More than half of babies between the ages of 4 months and 15 months develop diaper rash, and nearly all babies will get at least one diaper rash before they are potty trained,” Pampers said. “Changing the diaper promptly after it becomes wet or soiled is the best way to prevent diaper rash.”

At this point there has been no official study that concludes baby wipes are unsafe. The study in question merely suggests that baby wipes could pose a risk if the child is allergic to certain ingredients in the baby wipes.

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