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Baby Tries To Wake Up Overdosing Mom: Viral Video Makes People Sad And Angry At The Same Time

Baby Tries To Wake Up Overdosing Mom: Viral Video Makes People Sad And Angry At The Same Time
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Baby Tries To Wake Up Overdosing Mom: Viral Video Makes People Sad And Angry At The Same Time

A video showing a little girl desperately trying to revive her unconscious mother in a department store has led to criminal charges.

The video obtained by Lawrence Police shows that the woman, listed in the police report as 36-year-old Mandy McGowen, collapsed due to drug overdose in an aisle of a Family Dollar Store. The video shows her lying beside her two-year-old girl. The girl can be seen trying to wake her mother up.

Following the incident, a clerk called 911. The paramedics revived McGowen using Narcan, as reported by CBS Boston.

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“[McGowen] kept saying, ‘no, no,’” the clerk said. “She did not want to go to the hospital”

Upon searching, police found the drug paraphernalia in the diaper bag. The police report said the responding officer found “straws cut to three inches long” with “white powdery residue around the tips of them.”

McGowen, however, denied having the drug. According to the report, she said “she was just tired and dozed off.” McGowen will be facing a charge of child endangerment.

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“It’s very disturbing to see someone like this. It’s obvious addiction has overtaken them, to the point of not being able to care for their child,” Chief James Fitzpatrick said.

While the mother will be summoned to court, the child was taken in the custody of the Department of Children and Families.

“It’s definitely common for children to act in this way, and we have seen this before,” Lawrence Police Capt. Roy Vasque, heading the department’s Street Narcotics Enforcement Unit, said.

As reported by Andover Townsman, the U.S. Children’s Bureau states that those who purchase or use narcotics in front of children can be charged with child endangerment in 11 states.

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