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Baby With Down Syndrome Posts Mail To Doctor Who Wants Her Aborted

Baby With Down Syndrome Posts Mail To Doctor Who Wants Her Aborted
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Baby With Down Syndrome Posts Mail To Doctor Who Wants Her Aborted

15-month-old Emmy with her cute smile would not be around today had her mom Courtney Baker followed the doctor’s advice to abort her. Mommy did not, and now baby Emmy had the chance to mail a letter penned by her mom to the very doctor who deemed it best that she not be born into this world.

Baby Emmy has been diagnosed prenatally with Down Syndrome. According to the unnamed doctor, Courtney and her husband would be better off if the baby is aborted. If not, their quality of life would suffer, as reported by Stuff NZ.

However, the couple cannot bear to do it. Now at 15-months-old, Baby Emmy now has the chace to mail a heartfelt letter written by her mom to the doctor.

The letter started with Courtney detailing how different her experience is compared to her friend. “A friend recently told me of when her prenatal specialist would see her child during her sonograms, he would comment, ‘He’s perfect.’ Once her son was born with Down syndrome, she visited that same doctor. He looked at her little boy and said, ‘I told you. He’s perfect.'”

According to Courtney, her friend’s experience brought sorrow to her even though she is happy for her friend. This is because she did not hear the same from her doctor, who opted to say she abort her baby instead.

“I came to you during the most difficult time in my life. I was terrified, anxious and in complete despair. I didn’t know the truth yet about my baby, and that’s what I desperately needed from you. But instead of support and encouragement, you suggested we terminate our child,” Courtney wrote.

The mother added that even though she already supplied the doctor with her daughter’s name, the doctor did not feel bad to suggest abortion. Instead, the doctor harped about the downturn in the couple’s life if the baby is born because she has Down Syndrome.

“I told you her name, and you asked us again if we understood how low our quality of life would be with a child with Down syndrome. You suggested we reconsider our decision to continue the pregnancy,” the mother wrote.

She added that since then, she and her husband felt averse to continue seeing the doctor. “The most difficult time in my life was made nearly unbearable because you never told me the truth. My child was perfect.”

Yes Baby Emmy is! She now has the cutest smile, and the most expressive eyes, even if it is covered with round glasses, that sit perfectly atop her pretty little nose. She can also mail the heartfelt letter her mom wrote, while smiling happily for the camera.

“This is Emmy, mailing our letter to the prenatal specialist who didn’t want her to live. He repeatedly suggested we abort. He said her and our quality of life would be horrible.” Emmy’s mother Courtney Baker told Parker Myles, a Down syndrome awareness site. “He was so unbelievably wrong. I want to do something to advocate, but other than my letter to him, I don’t know what yet.”

She also shared that Emmy has two sisters, who adore her to bits! “Emmy has two siblings. Rhyan is almost 15 and Evynn is 11. They are crazy about their sister!! They had been through so much at that point [when we received the diagnosis].” she said.

Good thing mommy Baker realized her baby is perfect even though the doctor tried to convince her otherwise. Because if not, we would not have this inspiring story right in front of us. Read the complete letter here.

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