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Baby Koala Loses Mom, Finds Love With A Stuffed Toy [VIDEO]

Baby Koala Loses Mom, Finds Love With A Stuffed Toy [VIDEO]
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Baby Koala Loses Mom, Finds Love With A Stuffed Toy [VIDEO]

Shayne, a baby koala, hugs a stuffed toy. It may be a cute sight, but there’s a sad story behind it.

Shayne was hugging a stuffed koala bear as a coping mechanism after he lost his mom in a fatal car accident. He was still lactating and it would take a while before he could eat on his own.

After feeding on milk, baby koalas need to feed on their parents sap in order to digest eucalyptus leaves and build on healthy bacteria to keep their tummy strong and healthy. Buy Shayne could only depend on Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital and this stuffed koala bear to survive.

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According to Australia Zoo, this time of the year is known as trauma season. Several animals become victim of accidents because they move around quickly and often end up in busy urban areas.

Shayne and his mother fell victim to a car accident. His mom died in an instant, while Shayne was thrown a few meters away from the accident cite.

Road rescuers were quick to respond and brought Shayne to Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.

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“Shayne has no injuries as a result of the accident, instead, he’s dealing with the loss of his mum and the vital life lessons he needs to learn in order to become an independent, wild koala,” said Dr. Rosie Booth, director of the hospital.

Hospital staff provide round-the-clock support for Shayne. They hope to release Shayne back in the wild as soon as he develops the survival skills needed.

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