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Baby Doe: Photograph Of 4-Year-Old Unidentified Dead Girl Shared By Millions

Baby Doe: Photograph Of 4-Year-Old Unidentified Dead Girl Shared By Millions
Photo Kema Keur / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


Baby Doe: Photograph Of 4-Year-Old Unidentified Dead Girl Shared By Millions

The computer generated picture of what a young girl – whose remains were found along the shoreline of Boston Harbor – must have been in real life has been shared and seen by 45 million people.

However, she hasn’t been identified almost two weeks after the discovery.

As reported by CNN, she has been named “Baby Doe.” Investigators estimate that she was four years old, had brown eyes and hair, and was about three-and-a-half feet in height.

The picture was released last week by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. It was also shared on Facebook by the Massachusetts State Police. Renee Nadeau Algarin, deputy press secretary at the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office, said that the postings were seen or shared in excess of 45 million times.

According to, the remains of Baby Doe were discovered on June 25. The police have not revealed how long she had been there prior to being found, or whether she was dumped there or was carried to the beach by the water. Her remains were found along the shore of Deer Island, where numerous sludge treatment cylinders are present. These cylinders are used in the removal of human and industrial pollutants from waste water, according to the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority.

On Tuesday, Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel Conley addressed the parents.

“Please step forward, clear your conscience and help us identify this young child. She deserves to have her identity known to the public and she deserves the kind of dignified burial of any human being,” he said.

Bob Lowery, vice president of the Missing Children Division, said that Baby Doe’s image could be empirical in finding out the answers to unresolved questions regarding her.

He said, “It’s the public we need to engage with, to look at this child, because that’s how we’re going to get her identified.

“Every now and then we have a case like this, and that probably has a lot to do with the age of the child, the circumstances in which the child was found. Sometimes it touches the hearts of many and it motivates the public to get motivated to help.”

The post-mortem couldn’t deduce a cause of death. The police don’t know whether her death was an accident or homicide.

While several tips were received from the public – which led to around 20 possible suspects –neither of them were accurate.

Several people shared the picture of the girl, expressing sorrow, grief and anger over her death.

“I’m about to become a great-grandmother, so it just touches you,” Barbara Smith said. “It’s sad that there was a little girl out there of her age that was found by herself and nobody has claimed her.”

She said that she has shared the picture three times and will continue sharing it until it has been determined how the little girl was killed, as reported by MSN.


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