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Baby Dehydrated As Parents Play Pokemon Go! Photos Of Arizona Couple Arrested By Police

Baby Dehydrated As Parents Play Pokemon Go! Photos Of Arizona Couple Arrested By Police
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Baby Dehydrated As Parents Play Pokemon Go! Photos Of Arizona Couple Arrested By Police

One couple decided to leave their two-year-old son alone in their house as they decided to go play the smartphone game Pokemon GO. They ended up leaving their child abandoned for more than an hour.

Twenty-seven-year-old Brent Daley and 25-year-old Brianne Daley were nowhere to be found in their neighborhood on Thursday night. At around 10:30 p.m., their neighbor made a call to the Pinal County 911 Communications Center. She reported that there is a two-year-old boy outside the house. He was barefoot and only had a t-shirt and diaper on. He was also said to be “red faced, sweaty and dirty.” It appears that the child had been abandoned.

When deputies from the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office arrived, the child was said to have been screaming and crying as he attempted to get inside the residence. The sheriff’s office said they had found the house unlocked, but without people inside. All they found were three dogs.

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Meanwhile, family pictures confirmed that the little boy lived at the residence. They also found the phone number of Brent Daley. When they called him and told him that they found his child abandoned, deputies say the father’s only response was “Whatever” before hanging up.

The deputies had been at the scene for nearly an hour before the couple showed up at the house. They claimed they had gone out to get gas for the car while their son was sleeping. Both Brent and Brianne were arrested for child endangerment and neglect.

After they were arrested, Sheriff Babeu explained, “The couple admitted they were away from the residence for up to 90 minutes playing the Pokémon Go Smartphone game. They said they were driving around San Tan Valley, stopping at parks and other places to interact with the game.”

The child is now under the care of the state Department of Child services. Meanwhile, the Daleys are waiting to see a judge for their felony charges.

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