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Baby Cremated Without Parents’ Consent: Facts About Auroaanne De La Torre-Johnston

Baby Cremated Without Parents’ Consent: Facts About Auroaanne De La Torre-Johnston
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Baby Cremated Without Parents’ Consent: Facts About Auroaanne De La Torre-Johnston

Auroaanne De La Torre-Johnston, a day-old infant, lost her life. Her body was cremated afterwards, but allegedly without her parents’ permission.

After mourning the loss of their infant girl, a California couple came across a more horrific nightmare when they learned that their baby was cremated without their knowledge.

On May 27, Michael Johnston and Yvette De La Torre welcomed their newborn daughter, according to CBS Los Angeles. They said that Auroaanne looked healthy when she saw the light of day at Beverly Hospital in Montebello.

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““She was in perfect health. Very alert, very awake — she was the loudest baby in the ward, apparently,” the father said.

“We have no clue. It’s devastating.”

However, for reasons still unclear, their baby girl died on May 28. According to her father, he and Yvette were waiting for the Coroner’s Office to tell them the official cause of their child’s death. After a long time, Johnston said he and his wife called the coroner last week to know if they identified the cause of death. He was shocked by what the coroner told him.

The coroner informed him that Auroaanne’s body was sent to the USC to be cremated, and that her ashes were in the morgue.

“I said ‘Where is my daughter? What did you do with my daughter?’” he said.

The coroner’s office told him that allegedly, they left a message on the parents’ answering machine. The message said that if they didn’t pick their baby up within 30 days, the body would have to be disposed.

However, according to Inside Edition, the couple never got the message.

Jamie Court, president of Consumer Watchdog in Santa Monica, said that it is clear the event was questionable due to the fact that the coroner was neither transparent nor accountable.

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