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‘Babes For Trump’ Post Racy Pics To Break The Internet

‘Babes For Trump’ Post Racy Pics To Break The Internet
Donald Trump Gage Skidmore / Flickr CC by 2.0


‘Babes For Trump’ Post Racy Pics To Break The Internet

The race for the presidential elections has taken a bizarre turn.

Babes for Trump (@babesforTrump) are showing their support for the Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump by posting pictures that show women wearing bikinis and trucker hats. The hashtag gained traction after a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, released Sunday, showed the former secretary of state and Democratic presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton leading the race among women.

Some of the pictures posted on the Twitter account, which is attempting to break the internet with the hashtag #TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet, can be viewed towards the end of the story.

The account was created by a group of four male university students on February 2016, as reported by the Daily Mail. Since then, it has amassed as many as 16.8k followers.

In an interview with Vice, the founders – who have not been named – spoke about their intention behind the creation of the account.

“The idea came about one evening when we were on Twitter browsing through our feed and saw the hashtag #babesfortrump accompanied with an image of an attractive young woman,” the founders said. “This immediately sparked the idea to create an account that blended two of the hottest social media trends out right now—politics and sex appeal.”

Some of the pictures posed on the account show women covering their nipples with Trump stickers and other wearing campaign slogans Sharpied on their posteriors. While there are pictures who have no reference to Trump, the hashtags accompanying them – #babe4trump, #babes4trump, #babefortrump, #babesfortrump, #trump, #trump2016, #trumpgirls, and #donaldtrump, among others – show the subjects’ political preferences.

According to the Huffington Post, when asked how their posts is helping elevate female voices, the founders said that  by posting pictures drawing people’s attention towards their account, they are able to achieve their goal.

“Just recently a woman from California reached out thanking us for giving girls the chance to be heard and praised for their thoughts without being attacked,” the founders said. “These pictures represent women in a manner to which they can be desired.”

Nevertheless, there are people who are not impressed by the posts. Twitter user @pettyyonceh said, “The only thing y’all breaking right now is my screen cause i just threw my phone.”

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