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Azealia Banks’ Zayn Malik Apology: Insincere, Useless?

Azealia Banks’ Zayn Malik Apology: Insincere, Useless?
Azealia Banks performs at the 2012 NME Awards at the Brixton Academy in London, from Wikimedia Commons by Tim Boddy

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Azealia Banks’ Zayn Malik Apology: Insincere, Useless?

Azealia Banks has now apologized for her racist and homophobic slurs against “Mind of Mine” singer Zayn Malik. She did this after reportedly losing events and agency representation for all the unpalatable things she said. It seems though that it is now too late.

In her apology, she admitted to her mistake instead of making excuses.  “Employing racial/sexual slurs/stereotypes in attempts to make fun of or degrade another person or group is absolutely unacceptable and is not fair or fun for anyone,” she wrote in her Instagram. She added that her anger got the best of her.

She is reportedly blacklisted by Primary Talent International anymore because of her racist, homophobic Twitter rant against Zayn Malik. It seems though that Banks couldn’t care less.

It can be remembered that she used the words “fake white boy,” “punjab,” “dick rider,” “paki,” and “pet” (of ID). She also targeted Malik’s mom. “@zaynmalik still doesn’t change the fact that your mother is a dirty refugee who won’t be granted asylum,” one of her tweets read, via Pitchfork.

Primary Talent International UK is reportedly now one of the companies that are refusing to work with the artist after she made some degrading posts against Malik. Her Twitter account has been suspended because of it already.

According to Perez Hilton, if her booking agent dropped her, this means her career will quickly dwindle and vanish. Other talent agencies would think twice of representing someone who has already been dropped by another, especially for being homophobic and racist.

Banks, who is also reportedly not part of Rinse’s “Born & Bred Music Festival,” faces a big problem if she does not do anything to turn things around.

When Banks’ Twitter account was taken down, she was unfazed. She took to Instagram and wrote that she will continue her battle against the former One Direction member. She promised to pen an essay about the situation, uncaring if she can turn her circumstances for the worse. She followed through with the promise.

Her essay was filled with more racist statements aimed at the now solo artist. Even though it was later deleted, Mic was able to get a screenshot of it.


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