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‘Avengers’ Influences ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Plot In A Big Way

‘Avengers’ Influences ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Plot In A Big Way
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‘Avengers’ Influences ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Plot In A Big Way

A viral video analyzing “Captain America: Civil War” and the Avengers is making rounds in the internet today as it evaluates the impact of the Marvel heroes in the world.

Hosted by Christine Everhart and political correspondent Will Adams, the video from WHIH World News focuses on how big the impact of the Avengers is.

According to Adams, without the Avengers’ decision to be on their own for the “Captain America: Civil War” movie, “no one probably would have discovered Hydra trying to take over the world.”

Adams added that without the Avengers, casualties in Sokovia, Washington D.C., and in New York might increase dramatically, while the organization controlling them needed to send them out to alleviate the damage.

Meanwhile, Everhart said that the damage the Avengers’ are leaving are unfathomable.

Taking for example Hulk’s destruction in Johannesburg, South Africa, during the “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” Christine Everhart said that there should be someone who is liable for such damage. This is in spite Hulk’s lack of control in his doings.

She also noted that it would be not right if they will let pass the Avengers’ actions.

Despite their contrast in analysis over “Captain America: Civil War” and the Avengers’ role in impacting the world, the report added that the producers are having a great balance of both sides.

Screen Rant, which was first to report about the video, said, “When Captain America and Iron Man battle it out on the big screen, it’ll be hard not to sympathize with both while watching the two heroes fight for the greater good in their respective way.”

“Captain America: Civil War” will be released on May 6.

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