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‘Avatar’ News: Four Sequels Completed; Animated Series Could Be Possible

‘Avatar’ News: Four Sequels Completed; Animated Series Could Be Possible
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‘Avatar’ News: Four Sequels Completed; Animated Series Could Be Possible

Fans were delighted to know that the Avatar sequels, not one but four are almost finished. James Cameron has just ended the fourth story and polishing the fifth which was written by another writer.

According to Independent, Cameron was so enthusiastic with the film that instead of writing only one story for a sequel, he ended up with four. He admits that he has overwritten.

The film became part of history for holding the title of the most successful movie of all time. It has total sales of $2.8 billion globally. The production budget including the promotional expenses totaled a little less than $500 million. The movie made so much money for the producers.

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The concept of Avatar including the materials has been planned already by the able director and co-writer, James Cameron since 1997. After his highly-acclaimed movie, “Titanic” he has in mind another plot. However, the technology for the visuals and special effects were not yet available during those times.

The movie was released in December 2009. The first sequel now known only as “Avatar 2” will be released in Dec. 2018; the next one will be out by Dec. 2020.

The third sequel will hit theaters in Dec. 2022 and the final sequel will be released on the same month of 2023.

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As reported by Chatt Sports Net, James Cameron revealed that an animated series is possible on television. This statement was shared by the director when asked of the possibility of an “Avatar” on television. According to him, an animated one will do because production cost is very expensive for the special effects. TV release is a sure loss.

“Avatar 2” should deliver another one-of-a-kind movie because of the length of production; fans are agonizing on their wait for the next release. Cameron is set to give the best on the sequel.

Avatar will include James Cameron’s name again on the pedestal for best directors and excellent writers.

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