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Autopilot Fatal Crash Aftermath: Mobileye May Have Just Dumped Tesla For BMW

Autopilot Fatal Crash Aftermath: Mobileye May Have Just Dumped Tesla For BMW
Elon Musk, Tesla Factory, Fremont (CA, USA) Maurizio Pesce / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Autopilot Fatal Crash Aftermath: Mobileye May Have Just Dumped Tesla For BMW

After a Tesla Model S car crashed while the Autopilot was engaged and resulted in the death of former U.S. Navy SEAL Joshua Brown, one of Tesla’s key partners in autonomous driving has decided to split ties with the electric vehicle maker. Moreover, it seems supplier Mobileye is moving on to another autonomous car project with BMW.

“I think in a partnership, we need to be there on all aspects of how the technology is being used, and not simply providing technology and not being in control of how it is being used,” explained Mobileye Chief Technical Officer Amnon Shashua during a recent earnings call regarding the company’s second quarter financial results.

During the call, Shashua also pointed out that it was the Tesla crash on autopilot that led Mobileye to decide to break up with Tesla. Following the announcement, Mobileye’s stock is now down by about eight percent, bringing the price to $45.33.

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Meanwhile, Mobileye has announced it is partnering with Intel and the BMW group to put fully autonomous cars in the streets by 2021. To make this happen, the companies will use the BMW iNEXT model. When they are done, Mobileye car owners will be able to take their hands, eyes, and mind off driving while in the car. They also said that they want to create a car that does not require a human driver inside.

On the other hand, following Mobileye’s breakup announcement, the Wall Street Journal reports that Tesla CEO and founder Elon Musk issued a statement, saying that the split from Mobileye does not affect the future of Tesla’s autopilot development.

“This was expected and will not have any material effect on our plans,” Musk remarked. It is unclear if the upcoming Tesla Model 3 will come with an autopilot feature.

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