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Authenticity Of Video Of Germanwings 9525’s Last Seconds Questioned

Authenticity Of Video Of Germanwings 9525’s Last Seconds Questioned
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Authenticity Of Video Of Germanwings 9525’s Last Seconds Questioned

More news is emerging regarding the ill-fated Germanwings crash. Two European publications, namely Paris Match and Bild, have mentioned in their report that a cellphone video was found showing the last few seconds inside the flight.

The video was taken from the rear end of the plane. News channel CNN also mentioned about the report published by the two publications.

The authenticity of the news is still under scrutiny as none of the media channels show the Germanwings video to the public. CNN has mentioned that the video is not publicly available. However, the question being asked is how a mobile footage could be found from a crash that had destroyed everything.

At the same time, one of the publications mentioned that officials for the recovery operation have denied the existence of such video. Bild pointed out that one of the investigators found the video in the crash site; that has to be confirmed as well.

It is being said that the video is too noisy and shaky, and what one can only hear are screams. People are heard shouting, “Oh, my God” in different languages. The footage runs for just a few seconds and is told to be found in the memory card of a phone.

Paris Match also mentioned that a metallic banging was heard in the video three times, while Bild said no individual could be identified from the video. It was reported in previous news that the pilot was trying to break the door open, and the metallic sound seems to confirm that.

The ill-fated Germanwings Flight 9525 crashed into the French Alps on March 24 with 150 people on board. Since then, new stories are emerging. The Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz blamed for the crash is said to have been going through depression, according to authorities.

Teams are still investigating the event to find the actual reason behind the crash. Meanwhile, such news will add more suspense to the story, and the Germanwings crash will remain a mystery until answers have been found.


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