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Australia Killed Taylor Swift Amid Feud With Kim Kardashian

Australia Killed Taylor Swift Amid Feud With Kim Kardashian
Taylor Swift Speak Now Tour Hots Sydney, Australia. Eva Rinaldi / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

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Australia Killed Taylor Swift Amid Feud With Kim Kardashian

RIP Taylor Swift? Is Australia mourning the singer’s death after she was proved a liar by Kim Kardashian recently?

People were bound to get angry with Taylor Swift after she did such a big show and cry in the media about not knowing that Kanye West would try to defame her in his “Famous” music video.

Tayor’s plan of playing “the victim,” as Kim Kardashian puts it, went up in smoke when Kim released a video recording of Kanye talking to Taylor Swift on the phone, seeking her approval for the “Famous” song lyrics, before its release.

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So what was Taylor Swift’s last resort? She threatened Kanye West for recording their conversation. Reportedly, he had done it in the state of California, where recording phone conversations, without the consent of both parties, is illegal.

Taylor Swift’s dishonesty made a mystery graffiti artist in Australia so furious that he has painted the singer’s mural which indicates that singer is now deceased!

The mural, which now graces a Melbourne laneway, carries a painting which closely resembles Taylor Swift. However, whether deliberately or otherwise, the name of the singer has been changed to “Taylor Smith”, in the mural!

Hence, the mural reads, “In Loving Memory Of Taylor Smith 1989-2016”. The artist even painted the words “No tags please. Respect the dead” on the side, reports Daily Mail!

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While people were already commenting about how Kim’s big reveal is going to kill the singer’s career because of the unnecessary act that she put up just to grab attention, the mural takes it one step further.

Many passersby even laid down flowers in front of the mural to commemorate Taylor’s death! Twitter users have voiced their opinion on the occasion, putting up posts with the hash tag “RIPTaylor”!

The artist, now identified as Lushsux put up a picture of the mural on Instagram with the title “’The recent passing of @taylorswift is heart wrenching.”

Sarcastic comments like “’Such a tragedy. Condolences go to the swifts and every swifty. rip a snake. #riptaylorswift #taylorswift’” have since flooded on social media.

The mural has since been painted over, reports BBC, and Taylor’s face now hosts a cartoon face and the words “Taylor Smith” now reads “Harambe”, which was the name of a Gorilla which was shot by zookeepers!

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