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Auschwitz Bookkeeper Admits Guilt, Asks For Forgiveness

Auschwitz Bookkeeper Admits Guilt, Asks For Forgiveness
Historic 9th District Court of Appeals Catherine Read/Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0


Auschwitz Bookkeeper Admits Guilt, Asks For Forgiveness

Ninety-three-year-old Oskar Groening, popularly known as the “Auschwitz bookkeeper,” has admitted being “morally guilty” and is seeking forgiveness for his role at the death camp murders.

“For me there’s no question that I share moral guilt,” the former Nazi told judges at the beginning of the trial, attended by nearly 70 Holocaust survivors and the victims’ relatives.

“You have to decide on my legal culpability.”

If Oskar is found guilty then he would be sentenced for three to 15 years. During the trial, the bookkeeper said he is being ornamented in the murder of 300,000 Jews at the concentration camp. He denied his direct role in the mass killing.

While addressing the judges, Groening said, “I ask for forgiveness. I share morally in the guilt but whether I am guilty under criminal law, you will have to decide.”

After a long period of dropped charges, he was again charged as a ruling party believes Groening should be indicted because he was employed at the camp during the incident.

“What I hope to hear is that aiding in the killing machinery is going to be considered as a crime,” Auschwitz survivor Hedy Bohm told Reuters. “So then no one in the future can do what he did and claim innocence.”

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