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Audi Is Ready For The Moon

Audi Is Ready For The Moon
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Audi Is Ready For The Moon

Audi is preparing to launch a rover to the moon!

In its endeavor, the automobile company has partnered with Part-Time Scientists. According to Vocative, the team is hoping to win the $30 million Google Lunar XPrize, a competition for private teams aspiring to send a vehicle to the moon.

Audi sets its eyes on the moon, prepares to launch rover

Since 2008, PTScientists have been creating the Autonomous Landing and Navigation Module (ALINA) lunar lander and Audi lunar quattro rovers. The team recently bagged a launch contract.

In a statement released on Tuesday, CEO Robert Boehme said, “We have been busy designing and testing our rovers, developing our transport and landing spacecraft, and now we have secured our ride to space.”

Audi’s rover will be photographing the equipment astronauts from Apollo left behind in 1972. The company intends to land the rover a few miles from where Apollo 17 did more than four decades ago.

Audi rover will land close to site of Apollo 17 landing

Karsten Becker, PTScientists electronics head, explained in a statement the reason for choosing the site of the Apollo 17 landing.

“It is because the Taurus-Littrow valley is geographically very interesting — that is why it was chosen for Apollo 17 — but it is also a very-well documented site. There are many pictures where you can see that it is very flat, and that there are not that many stones laying around.”

The rover may be able to disprove speculations and conspiracy theories that claim that the Apollo moon landings were fake.

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