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Attack On Tunisia Tourists Blamed On ISIS

Attack On Tunisia Tourists Blamed On ISIS
Image from Flickr by veronique Debord-Lazaro


Attack On Tunisia Tourists Blamed On ISIS

Image from Flicr by Veronique Debord-Lazaro

Tunis – Bardo Museum
Image from Flickr by Véronique Debord-Lazaro

A savage attack on tourists at Tunisia’s Bardo Museum on March 18 is now being associated with terrorist group ISIS. The horrifying attack conducted by terrorists armed with Kalashnikovs and grenades was said to be an act of revenge for the killing of an ISIS leader in Libya.

Random Savage Attack Bears ISIS Marking

The aggression of the attack on Tunisia’s tourists was akin to those done by ISIS, according to various local reports. Speculations abound, saying the group wanted to avenge the death of Ahmed al-Rouissi, Tunisia’s infamous terrorist who climbed up the ranks as senior leader of ISIS in Libya, The Telegraph reported.

The attack at Bardo Museum is also said to be staged to destabilize Tunisia, birthplace of the Arab Spring four years ago. It had so far successfully evaded chaos as seen in other Arab Spring countries like Libya, Syria and Egypt.

The ISIS or another terrorist organization has yet to claim responsibility for the attack, The Telegraph reported.

EU Chief Blamed “Terrorist Organization”

European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini pointed fingers to “terrorist organizations” for the savage attack, the Tunis Times reported.

“With the attack that has struck Tunis today, the terrorist organizations are once again targeting the countries and peoples of the Mediterranean region,” Mogherini told the Tunis Times.

Tunisia Republic president Beji Caid Essesbi stated terrorists group should be stopped for good.

“This is catastrophic for Tunisia. We need to stop those kind of people for good,” Mr Esessbi said.

NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg also condemned the attack. he promised to work with Tunisia and with Mediterranean Dialogue partners in the fight against terrorism.

“I condemn in the strongest terms the terrorist attack in Tunisia. I offer my profound condolences to President Essebsi and to the Tunisian people. My thoughts are with those who have lost their loved ones and with those who have been wounded,” said in a statement.


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Death Toll Reached 22

The gunmen who staged the Tunisia tourists attack disguised themselves as security officials of Bardo Museum. The two were able to kill 22 tourists who were Tunisian, French, Italian, Polish, Japanese and Australian. There were also 50 tourists injured and brought to the hospital for immediate medical attention, according to Mohamed Ali Aroui, spokesman of the ministry of interior in Tunisia. There was deliberate attempt to attack Western tourists who were just getting off cruise ship buses.

“They opened up on anything that moved. The choice was to run away, or face certain death or injury,” a tourist guide for Bardo Museum said. Knowing the nearest emergency exits of the museum, he said he helped clients find shelter.

One French tourist managed to give a live account via French television.


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“We heard shots outside, several volleys,” she said. “We thought it was a party, but in fact it wasn’t – there were men on the floor. There are around 40 of us holed up in a room. We are rather panic-stricken. We could hear ‘Allah Akbar’ and lots of firing. Earlier there were shots inside the museum, now it’s outside,” the French tourist said while the attack was happening.

“Allah Akbar” is an Arabic chant, which means “God is Great.”

Polish tourist Edwigo Olevski said she fainted as soon as she heard machine gunfire. She was then hit in the elbow by one of the bullets from the gunmen. She was being treated at the hospital, together with her husband who was shot in the leg.

Many of the injured tourists were in surgery, according to the director of the hospital Souad Sedraoui. Tourists were shot in the arms, legs and bodies, he said.

“The oldest is 75. They are tired and traumatized but we think they are going to be OK,” Sedraoui said.

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