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AT&T Rolls Out Software that Updates Camera Features of Moto X

AT&T Rolls Out Software that Updates Camera Features of Moto X


AT&T Rolls Out Software that Updates Camera Features of Moto X

AT&T Rolls Out Software that Updates Camera Features of Moto XSubscribers of AT&T who use Moto X could start downloading the highly anticipated software update that enhances the camera features of the smartphone. This update was first rolled out by T-Mobile to its customers in September.

In a statement, AT&T announced that the new update would further improve Moto X’s main functions. Ultimately, it said, it would enhance the already satisfactory user experience in using the smartphone. Moto X is the flagship mobile handset of Motorola Mobility, a unit of Google Inc.

The wireless carrier also pointed a single recommendation for downloading the update. The company advised its subscribers to make sure the battery has at least 50% of charge before and while installing the software so that the process would not possibly be disrupted.

Benefits of the update

As expected, the new software update enhances the phone’s camera. It improves outdoor exposure as well as backlit scenes. It also reduces noise and increases clarity in settings with low light. The update could also improve the camera’s color accuracy and auto-while balance performance. It could even lower touch-to-focus duration and reduce unnecessary refocusing when there is continuous motion.

The Moto X update is bringing not just improvements to the camera features. It could also speed up the duration and accuracy of its Touchless Control feature with voice command. Thus, users could rave that the already easy-to-use ‘OK Google Now’ feature is even made much easier and faster.

At the same time, the update contains patches that fix a bug brought about by a feature to find your own phone. Previously, some users had complained that they could not find their lost or misplaced Moto X devices because the program could not report its location.

The Moto X

The Moto X is a powerful and anticipated smartphone that marked the return of Motorola. It made waves several weeks before Apple Inc’s new iPhones did. On its launch, the Moto X was commended for its impressive features. It comes with a 1,280 X 720 pixel display on its 4.7-inch screen. The device operates on Android 4.2.2 and is running the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro.

Internally, Moto X has the revolutionary X8 mobile computing system. It even comes with a processor for natural language as well as a contextual processor for computing that deals with sensors. All technologies have been developed by the company.

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