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AT&T Gives Away $100 Credit to Customers Who Add New Line to their Accounts

AT&T Gives Away $100 Credit to Customers Who Add New Line to their Accounts


AT&T Gives Away $100 Credit to Customers Who Add New Line to their Accounts

AT&T is still up in the fierce battle among US carriers. The wireless network yesterday announced another promotion that is aimed to further entice customers to stick to the company and enjoy its other services. It is offering to give $100 to customers who would add a new service line to their existing AT&T accounts.

New and existing subscribers are eligible for the promo. The credit would be given for every new feature phone, smartphone, tablet, Wireless Home Phone, or mobile hotspot line of service they sign up for on top of their current AT&T line.

This offer would not last longer, though. The company said it would only be offered until March 31. The promo would also apply on post-paid accounts. However, Machine-to-Machine, GoPhone, BusinessConnect, and Enterprise on Demand plans are not included in the program.

There is one more requirement. Customers must also be with AT&T for at least 45 days during the time of the application. Of course, customers should also show off good credit or business standing for them to enjoy the offer.

Rewarding loyal customers 

In a statement, AT&T said the $100 credit offer is a sure way to reward its existing customers especially those who add line of service. It can be another incentive from AT&T to keep their customers. The company recently revealed that the program would also help increase awareness to its reliable and growing 4G LTE network across the country.

The rolling out of this project comes after the company posted its fourth-quarter results. AT&T has disclosed that up to 1.2 million upcoming or unpaid post-paid options were added to its subscription base within the same period. It also revealed that smartphones are now accounting for record-high 93% of sales in post paid.

Amid competition

AT&T is very much aware of the intense competition with its major rivals. For quite some time now, US telecom firms have been attempting to overtake each other in terms of subscription figures. Thus, the current war among those titans is fierce as the players get more aggressive to be able to outperform each other.

A few weeks ago, AT&T has offered up to $450 for those who intend to switch to T-Mobile. During that time, AT&T offered about $450 to every customer who would switch to the company from other business.

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