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AT&T Confirms the End of Promotion that Offers $450 to Lure T-Mobile Customers

AT&T Confirms the End of Promotion that Offers $450 to Lure T-Mobile Customers


AT&T Confirms the End of Promotion that Offers $450 to Lure T-Mobile Customers

AT&T has abruptly ended a promotion that was aimed to convince T-Mobile subscribers to switch networks. The wireless carrier has confirmed through a spokeswoman that the program is over. It lasted from January 3 to January 31. Since the launch of the promo, the company has already advised that it would only last within a limited period.

The program that has recently lasted offered a total of $450 to T-Mobile subscribers who would be willing to switch to AT&T. The amount was comprised of a $200 worth of credit offer per line just by simply crossing over from the rival network. An additional $250 worth of credit was offered if the subscribers would trade-in their old phones for newer ones.

Not impressed

Meanwhile, T-Mobile CEO John Legere made some comments about this move through his Twitter account. In one tweet, he simply exclaimed that it was ‘quick.’ He even opined that T-Mobile customers might have resisted the ‘bribe,’ leading to the program’s abrupt end.

Mr.Legere did not stop there. In another tweet, he turned a bit sarcastic. He said that at least now, we know that AT&T could do something really fast. Last month, after the launch of AT&T’s poaching promo, Mr. Legere immediately described the program as a ‘desperate move’ launched by its rival.

He inferred that the promo might be an indication of the competing company’s possibly terrible fourth quarter results. Thus, anyone may assume that T-Mobile has not been impressed when the promo was launched and even now that it had ended.

T-Mobile’s own poaching promo

For its part, T-Mobile has been running its ‘Contract Freedom’ promo, which it announced during the recent Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas in January. The program offers to pay early termination fees worth up to $350 just so subscribers of other networks could end their subscription contracts with the rivals and finally switch to T-Mobile.

Just like AT&T, T-Mobile also tries to lure those subscribers by offering an additional $300 worth of credit to them. The added amount could be obtained only if the newly transferred subscribers would agree to trade in their older handsets and replace those with newer ones sold by the company. Mr. Legere has since been re-tweeting pictures of former AT&T customers who have allegedly come to check out T-Mobile stores since last month.

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