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ATF Under Fire For Error On Ammo Regulation

ATF Under Fire For Error On Ammo Regulation
Image from Flickr by Peretz Partensky


ATF Under Fire For Error On Ammo Regulation


Image from Flickr by Peretz Partensky

The ATF faces pressure from various quarters stirring controversy on a proposed ban on a popular type of bullet, pointing out the latest “Firearms Regulation Reference Guide.

The guide, “released in January 2015, curiously, did not contain an exemption for popular .223 M855 ‘green tip’ ammunition” included in the earlier guidance, according to Fox News.

Gun control groups show their support for the ban.

“We understand why law enforcement has always been concerned about the threat of armor-piercing bullets,” said Dan Gross, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

Lawmakers are concerned that the ban will “result in drastically reduced options for lawful ammunition users.” The ban comes close on the heels of lead bullet restrictions. Store shelves have already been cleared, while gun owners are anticipating the ban by stocking up on the bullets, since it would only prohibit the manufacture and imports, not the act of owning such.

The guideline is not legally binding, according to the ATF, further saying it still hasn’t banned the bullets and apologizing for not failing to include the exemptions within the guide. The proposed ban is still under consideration.

“[It] was an error which has no legal impact on the validity of the exemptions,” ATF public affairs chief Ginger Colbrun said. When asked by Fox News, Colbrun said the lack of exmeptions “will be corrected soon.”

“The 2014 Regulation Guide will be corrected in PDF format to include the listing of armor piercing ammunition exemptions and posted shortly… ATF apologizes for any confusion caused by this publishing error.”

The 2014 guideline that included the errors is not available in the ATF website as of Monday. ATF will be taking comments on the issue until March 16, the day they will attempt to fix the final regulations.

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