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Asus Unveils Its Own Chromebox Desktop PC that Costs $179

Asus Unveils Its Own Chromebox Desktop PC that Costs $179


Asus Unveils Its Own Chromebox Desktop PC that Costs $179

Asus has just announced its own Chromebox desktop that operates on Google Chrome OS and is powered by a Celeron processor made by Intel Haswell. The new device would cost at least $179 when it is released to the market in March.

In a statement, Asus described its Chromebox as an ideal tool for non-mobile home, business, and school users. Just like all other Chromeboxes and Chromebooks, the company’s version was designed to exude simplicity. It is a Web-based PC letting users perform daily tasks, which used to really challenge full-pledged PCs.

The Asus Chromebox is simple, secured, and speedy using Chrome OS. Google Inc even acknowledged it as so far the most powerful and at the same time compact Chrome device. That is why it is considered as perfect to be used at homes, classrooms and offices. It is designed specifically to address the way modern PCs are used today.

Two options

Asus’ Chromebox even comes in two options. The first is built in fourth-generation Intel Celeron 2955U. The second is in Core i3 processor. Both come with 2GB to 4GB of memory, 16GB SSD local and 100GB of cloud storage on Google Drive (for two years). There are even Intel HD graphics, Gigabit Ethernet, and 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi.

What’s more? The device comes with its own media card reader, HDMI, a Kensington lock port, four USB 3.0 ports, and Display Port. The one with core i3 would be able to drive up to 4K monitors through the Display Port. Both models would support dual HD monitors through Display Port and HDMI.

General features

In general, the Asus Chromebox measures about 4.88 inches square. It is 1.65 inches in thickness. With such a dimension, it is not surprising that the new Chromebox would be able to fit almost anywhere users might want to stash other media-streaming boxes like Apple TV or Roku.

The device even comes with VESA mount to enable users to clip the system behind any compatible monitor or HDTVs. This system also comes without any fan inside, making it operate more quietly compared to other Chromeboxes.

The Asus Chromebox would also take automatic update through the Internet. This feature again makes it similar to other Chrome OS devices. It would be capable of operating numerous apps in its Chrome Web store. It would also support multiple users through Google accounts.

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