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Asus Plans to Release a $199-Smartwatch Soon

Asus Plans to Release a $199-Smartwatch Soon


Asus Plans to Release a $199-Smartwatch Soon

Asus Plans to Release a $199-Smartwatch SoonIt’s the turn of Asustek Computer (Asus) to unveil its own version of a wearable. The Taiwanese device manufacturer has announced plans to formally launch its ZenWatch later this month. This will mark the company’s entry into the still untapped and untested market for wearable technology.

The main and interesting feature of the smartwatch would be its competitive price advantage. Asus intends to sell the device when it launches in the market for just $199 or €199. If that pushes through, it would be one of the most competitively priced smartwatches to date.

ZenWatch comes with an organic light emitting diode (OLED) display that measures just 1.6 inches. It has a tough and curved Gorilla Glass surface that is surrounded by impressive stainless steel body. The new wearable was unveiled during the IFA tradeshow, which still happens today until weekend in Berlin, Germany.

Android Wear and other features

As expected, ZenWatch runs on Android Wear, the Android version for smartwatches. It can be recalled that the launch of the smartwatch operating system from Google Inc has prompted the development of numerous smartwatches from various manufacturers around the world.

It has custom developed elements that are obviously especially made. The smartwatch comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor. It boasts of 4GB of memory storage. A built-in microphone is a good feature as well. The unit may weigh just 50 grams. But adding a designated strap may make it 25 grams heavier.

Working with a smartphone

Asus’ smartwatch is designed to work in pair with a designated smartphone. The connection is facilitated via Bluetooth. As such, ZenWatch can be used as a viewfinder remotely for photograph taking. A user can possible silence the ringing of the paired smartphone just by simply covering the face of the smartwatch with one hand. Tapping the screen of the watch would enable the phone to create a  sound, making it ideal for finding misplaced or lost phones at home.

To date, industry experts and observers are still clueless whether ZenWatch would enjoy warm reception in the market or not. Most of the wearables that have been released in the market from other brands ended in futility. Some analysts think the market for smartwatches would be energized only if Apple Inc would finally launch its anticipated iWatch this month.

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