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‘Assassin’s Creed’ Official New Trailer Starring Michael Fassbender

‘Assassin’s Creed’ Official New Trailer Starring Michael Fassbender
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‘Assassin’s Creed’ Official New Trailer Starring Michael Fassbender

Finally! The movie version of Assassin’s Creed has released its initial trailer on YouTube. The movie is produced by 20th Century fox starring Michael Fassbender as Callum Lynch (the protagonist), Marion Cotillard as Sophia Rikkin, Michael K. Williams as Moussa, Jeremy Irons as Alan Rikkin, and Brendan Gleeson as Joseph.

The movie is directed by Justin Kurrzel. The director has previously worked with Michael Fassbender in the movie “Macbeth.”

For non-gamers, Assassin’s Creed is based on one of the best-selling games from Ubisoft. The movie is based on the story of Callum Lynch, a nobody who is later exposed to genetic memories through a futuristic technology. Callum immerses himself in the mission to explore his ancestor’s memories.

The movie takes place in Aguilar during 15th century Spain, where Callum discovers through his journey that he is part of a secret society. He is shown as an assassin responsible for assassinating members of a powerful Templar organization who intends to control the world. Callum later gains knowledge and combat skills to take on the same organization in the present day.

The trailer has already revealed the famous wristblades the gamers are aware of through the Assassin’s Creed game franchise. The movie will be hitting theaters this year on December 21. To take a look at the official images and posters published by 20th Century Fox, click here. Watch the trailer below.

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