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Assassination of Prince Charles, William Planned For Harry To Become King

Assassination of Prince Charles, William Planned For Harry To Become King
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Assassination of Prince Charles, William Planned For Harry To Become King

A lone terrorist has desire of assassinating Prince Charles and Prince William in order for Prince Harry to eventually become king, a UK court has heard. The radical fanatic, Mark Colborne, suffered a troubled childhood. He grew up feeling looked down upon by society because of his red hair and white skin. He finds Prince Harry relatable in this aspect.

Kill Charles, William and Then Harry becomes king

Colborne is being tried for an alleged terrorist plot in UK by using weapon of mass destruction. His plans were detailed in a personal journal he kept. In hearing the case against him, it emerged that he has desire of killing the Prince of Wales with a rifle.

“Wouldn’t it be great to have a military silent rifle, take up a good stealth position and put a bullet in Charles’ head. I would sacrifice my life for that one shot,” Colborne wrote in his journal as reported by The Daily Mail.

“Kill Charles and William and Prince Harry becomes king… Kill the tyrants and become free from tyrannical future rule,” he wrote.

In a separate entry in his journal, Colborne expressed his desire of targeting Prince Charles for the Aryan people.

“If I had the right weapon, military grade sniper rifle, I would take out Prince Charles and a few others for the sake of the Aryan people. The first chance I get with a rifle is to murder tyrannical Prince Charles,” he wrote.

Colborne has always thought of assassinating Prince Charles at his home in Southampton, the court heard, in order to make a transformation from the belittled red-haired victim into a terrifying military terrorist. He aimed to be known as a terrorist “striking at the hearts of the dark-haired, dark-eyed Caucasian race.”

“I want them to see my transition from poor red-haired victimised minority that is constantly walked over to a fully transformed military terrorist striking at the hearts of the bigoted tyrannical rulers and of course the dark haired dark eyes Caucasian race. I will be heard through terror,” Colborne wrote.

The trial for Colborne continues in Old Bailey, BBC reported.


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