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Asian Women Hit In Face By Hard Object In Racist Attack

Asian Women Hit In Face By Hard Object In Racist Attack
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Asian Women Hit In Face By Hard Object In Racist Attack

Asian women are targeted in racist attacks conducted by an African-American male in Manhattan. Three Asian women were already hit in the face by a hard object wrapped in white plastic bag.

Three Asian Women whacked in the face

Police are now searching for the African-American man who is targeting Asian women. The police believe the crime is motivated by racism as three Asian women were already victimized by the man in three separate incidents in Manhattan.

“The guy just comes from behind, and then tried talking to me,” one victim told ABC 7.

Police noticed a pattern: a hard object wrapped in white plastic bag were used to attack the women.

The first victim was hit in the face on June 10 as she was sitting in the vicinity of 155 Grand Street. The suspect started a small talk with the 35-year-old Asian female who initially ignored him. The suspect left but came back with a white plastic bag with a hard object inside. The man then smacked the victim and escaped. The victim was treated in NY Downtown Hospital, NYPD crime stoppers said in a statement.

The second victim, a 29-year-old Asian female, was hit in the face while walking down East of 30 Street. The suspect walked past her but waited at the corner until she was close enough to be struck in the cheek. The victim was also treated at NYU Hospital.

The third victim was a 34-year-old Asian female. The suspect walked up to her at 2 Avenue and East 60 Street. The man hit her in the forehead. The victim was treated at New York Hospital.


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