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Artificial Retina implantation will restore vision of the blind people

Artificial Retina implantation will restore vision of the blind people


Artificial Retina implantation will restore vision of the blind people

Goodbye to contact lenses and hefty glasses as a group of doctors in US have successfully implanted the artificial retina in nearly blind persons to restore their vision to a great extent. The patients were able to see the persons before them, light, and other objects after the implantation. David N Zacks and Thiran Jayasundera belonging to the Kellog Eye Centre in University of Michigan performed the successful surgeries on the patients that had developed the blinding and degenerative eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa (RP) in the last stages.

Jayasundera said that they are happy with the progress of the patients being able to see the objects, light, and people in front of them. The doctors are quite hopeful that the artificial retina will make up for their loss of sight for the rest of the life.

The doctors have granted the patients a new life that contains the colors of life. The patients can now see more clearly that would enable them to navigate through their home, work independently while taking part in different activities, and enjoy things that we never noticed that these are important for life. US Food and Drug administration approved the Retinal Prosthesis System related to Argus II last year.

The patient is kept under observation after the surgery. The system of retinal prosthesis is not approved until the patient has recovered from the surgery to a great extent. The patient is made to undergo a system of training that allows him to get accustomed to a completely new vision. This new set of eyes takes him one to three months to adjust the vision to normal.

One of the patients, Linda Schulte was diagnosed with the RP at the age of 40. Now at the age of 65, the surgery was performed on her that made her confident of recovering your vision partially. She was hopeful that she might be able to see at least some of the things in her life, such as grandchildren running across her even though she might be able to recognize their exact faces. She was suffering from vision loss slowly and steadily. This new artificial retina has sprung a new revolution in her life now. She would be able to enjoy life once again. The technological nirvana that has spiraled around multifarious domains of life continues to affect human life in a positive way.

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