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‘Arrow’ Star Willa Holland ‘Thea Queen’ Chooses Marvel Over DC!

‘Arrow’ Star Willa Holland ‘Thea Queen’ Chooses Marvel Over DC!
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‘Arrow’ Star Willa Holland ‘Thea Queen’ Chooses Marvel Over DC!

You know that a production studio is doing something wrong if one of its own superhero characters decides to publicly slam it!

Willa Holland, who plays Thea Queen a.k.a Speedy in the TV show “Arrow” is not happy at how DC is treating its characters, especially in TV shows.

Willa Holland Slams DC

Someone has finally spoken out against the utter confusion when it comes to DC prioritizing its movie franchises over television shows and it’s someone from the DC universe!

Willa Holland lashed out at DC in an interview with Mirror, where she made it clear that TV actors and shows are not being given their due credit by DC, something that does not happen in the Marvel universe.

“Marvel does it in their own weird way – the mash between Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and the movies and stuff. So it’s a little upsetting because you know it is possible and it can be done and how good it would be if it was done. Basically you’re giving the world two different Flashes all of a sudden”, she said

The actress also cited DC’s lack of interest in developing the plots of its TV shows as the reason why the Suicide Squad got squashed from “Arrow”, even before it got time to take off, reports ComicBookMovie:

“We get it, we’re not going to fight about it anymore. When DC found out they were going to be doing their own movie we had to axe all of the characters before we even got to show them.”

‘Justice League’ Movie

She went on to reflect the frustration of talented TV actors, who had naturally hoped to embody their characters (like in the Marvel movies) in the upcoming Justice League movies too.

However, that is not the case, as DC decided to opt for different actors when it comes to portraying “Arrow” and “The Flash” on the big screen:

“…when Stephen found out there was going to be a Justice League movie it only seemed, rightly so, he would be playing Green Arrow on it as well as Grant playing the Flash. It just seemed like the right normal answer. Once they said no, you can’t really fight against them for it, because they are the people that gave us a job in the first place. You just have to sit there on your hands, like okay, I get it!” said Willa.

It will be interesting to see how DC reacts to its own actors turning against it and siding with its rival, Marvel.

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