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‘Arrow’ Season 5 Spoilers: New Vigilante & Villain Revealed!

‘Arrow’ Season 5 Spoilers: New Vigilante & Villain Revealed!
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‘Arrow’ Season 5 Spoilers: New Vigilante & Villain Revealed!

“Arrow” Season 5 is turning up the heat with the inclusion of two series regulars – a vigilante and a villain! Things are going to get pretty exciting!

The Green Arrow has acted as the father-figure and mentor to many potential superheroes in the past, which includes Roy Harper (who later becomes Arsenal), Laura Lance (who later becomes Black Canary) and his own sister Thea Queen (who becomes Speedy).

Hence, it would not be surprising if he decides to take another lost soul under his guidance.

Entertainment Weekly has hinted that something of that sort is about to happen in season 5 of “Arrow” – “a new vigilante in Star City whose reckless and cocksure nature prompts Green Arrow to take him under his wing.”

“Arrow” Season 5 Update

This new vigilante, who will go on to become the famous character, “Wild Dog” from DC comics, will be portrayed by Rick Gonzalez, who is best known for playing the lead in the TV show “Mr. Robot.”

He has also been involved with shows such as “Rosewood” and “Rush”.

TVLine, on the other hand, has learned of a new big bad, who will be getting on the Green Arrow’s nerves in the upcoming season. Whether the villain will be part of Oliver’s Russian past, or just be tormenting Star City in the present is still unclear.

“Arrow” Season 5 Villain

“Season 5 will also introduce us to the recurring character of Derek Zaba, a man of fierce intelligence whose wit and humor belie a person wrestling with deep-seated demons. Derek looks to his Jewish faith to ground himself, having been raised in a devout family, and while usually kind and well-meaning, he also can come off as a physical threat,” reports Matt’s Inside Line on TVLine.

The actor who will be portraying the villainous character has not been finalized yet.

For the latest ‘Arrow’ Season 5 Spoilers, please stay tuned in to this site.

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