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‘Arrow’ Season 5 Spoilers: Black Canary Returning?

‘Arrow’ Season 5 Spoilers: Black Canary Returning?
Katie Cassidy aka Black Canary Gaga Skidmore/ Flickr cc


‘Arrow’ Season 5 Spoilers: Black Canary Returning?

“Black Canary” is not completely off the grid for Arrow Season 5 just yet. At least that seems to be the message that showrunner Marc Guggenheim and Wendy Mericle are trying to send out.

Everyone knows how “Black Canary” (Katie Cassidy) died in the final episodes of Arrow season 4. That happened when “Damien Darhk” (Neal McDonough) took an arrow and pierced it to her heart and eventually succumbed from the hit.

What Critics Are Saying About Arrow Season 5

Right now, it is a guessing game that many are playing on how the show will revive “Laurel Lance” and re-insert her into the fray. Some are talking time-travel, which is associated with sister shows Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash.

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Sad to say, Guggenheim has doused water on those speculations, meaning her return will not be from altered timelines. If the show is to handle it by itself, one can think of the “Lazarus Pit,” which was already used on “Thea Queen/Speedy” (Willa Holland) and the “White Canary” (Caity Lotz).

Some believe that there could be some Earth-2 like of a twist, bringing in “Black Canary’s” counterpart. That of course comes with a lot of conflict though it is more of speculation that reality.

The Last Words Of ‘Black Canary’ To Be Revealed

Going back again to that scene where Laurel and “Oliver Queen” (Stephen Amell) were all alone, the former said something to the latter, which was never revealed. Word has it that those will be revealed when Arrow season 5 kicks off.

So from the start of the season, there could be startling revelations. Katie Cassidy has not be completely killed off and will seemingly return.

What If The Death Was A Setup?

Recall that those words uttered by Laurel to Ollie were never mentioned. What if Laurel never really died? A wild speculation could call for the death as a setup.

Recall how Laurel was torn between continuing her run as the “Black Canary” and devoting full time as a district attorney? Maybe the time-off was a means to give her time to think.

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This may be a twist that most have never considered but through these shows, any form of fabrication can be done – including a fake death. It has happened before!

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