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‘Arrow’ Season 5: Scott Adkins Wants Role In DC TV Series

‘Arrow’ Season 5: Scott Adkins Wants Role In DC TV Series
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‘Arrow’ Season 5: Scott Adkins Wants Role In DC TV Series

CW series Arrow is setting high expectations for its upcoming season. The show’s last season was unfortunately considered a letdown by DC fans. However, it looks like CW has learned its lesson.

A recent teaser received constructive criticism from fans. Furthermore, the footage revealed new villain Prometheus, considered one of the most dangerous supervillains in the DC Universe. The fictional character’s motivation is similar to that of Batman.

Prometheus’s criminal parents were gunned down in front of him when he was a kid. Since then, he took an oath to “annihilate the forces of justice.”

While the rest of the B class villains for Arrow season 5 remain a mystery, it looks like a famous martial artist actor is looking for a role in the TV series.

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Recently, Scott Adkins revealed his interest to be on Arrow. During an AMA on reddit, user DrJonesPHD62 asked the actor if he had “given any thought to appear in the Arrowverse on TV.”

Scott Adkins replied, “Tell them to give a call- I’d love it.” Fans can click on the Reddit embed below to check it out.

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Adkins is one of the few actors in Hollywood who is well-loved for his kickass martial arts. The actor is best known for his role as Yuri Boyka in Undisuputed II: Last Man Standing and Undisputed III: Redemption. Adkins also has a role in Marvel’s Doctor Strange. Furthermore, fans are awaiting his upcoming Boyka: Undisputed, expected to release on January 17, 2017.

Arrow series writer Marc Guggenheim still hasn’t commented on Adkins’ interest. Currently, fans are aching for Arrow after it has been confirmed to premiere season 5’s first episode on October 5, 2016.

[No spoilers?] I reached out to Scott Adkins (one of the best action stars on the planet) during an AMA to ask if he’d be up for joining the Arrowverse like some of his costars. from arrow

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