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‘Arrow’ Season 4 Finale Spoilers: Darhk Continues With Genesis

‘Arrow’ Season 4 Finale Spoilers: Darhk Continues With Genesis
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‘Arrow’ Season 4 Finale Spoilers: Darhk Continues With Genesis

Even though Team Arrow has managed to diffuse all the nukes that Darhk set to launch upon the world, in the previous episode, Darhk still plans to go ahead with “Genesis,” or world destruction, in the season 4 finale!

‘Arrow’ Season 4

In an attempt to cleanse the world of everything it was becoming, Darhk had acquired missile launch codes from the present head of Argus and Diggle’s wife, Lyla. Before he could go forward with his plan, which he called “Genesis,” Team Arrow deactivates the deadly missiles headed for different parts of the world with the help of Felicity and her super-hacker of a dad, Calculator.

They even destroyed the safe haven that Darhk built to keep a certain populace safe from the nuclear destruction, including his wife and daughter.

Unfortunately, this was not enough to thwart his plans.

‘Arrow’ Season 4 Finale

According to Coming Soon, an extended trailer of Arrow Season 4 finale, entitled “Schism,” was released by CW. It clearly shows that Darhk’s plans of Genesis are very much alive. The Green Arrow and Thea walk into Hive’s “Office” and find that more nukes have been activated to launch soon. However, the agenda of Genesis seems to have changed a bit, as the extended trailer shows.

“Humanity is speckless. I don’t want to cleanse it. This is a mercy killing… on a global scale,” says a smirking Darhk, while people of Star City seem to be in a chaos, running for cover.

But Darhk’s renewed plans make no sense, as rightly pointed out by Lyla in the trailer: “With Darhk’s anti-nuke bunker destroyed, why is he moving forward with Genesis?”

Regardless of What Darhk’s endgame is, Arrow’s Season 4 finale is definitely going to be a battle to behold. In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly, Stephen Amell teased:

“I can tease that there is an ultimate showdown, and that ultimate showdown takes place on a level playing field. And I know the hook from the last episode made it feel like the whole episode would be about rescuing Felicity, and that’s really not the case at all. We solve that problem pretty early on.”

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