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‘Arrow’ Season 4 Finale Fizzes out – Report

‘Arrow’ Season 4 Finale Fizzes out – Report
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‘Arrow’ Season 4 Finale Fizzes out – Report

With the finale of “The Flash” season 2 ending on a high note, with lots of twists and teasers that made for a great watch, DC superhero fans expected the “Arrow” season 4 finale to do the same. However, far from going out with a bang, the final episode underwhelmed and ended on a depressing note.

‘Arrow’ Season 4

In an attempt to compete with all the other DC shows like “The Flash”, “Legends of Tomorrow,” and “Supergirl”, the creators of “Arrow” decided to step up their game. They found the answer in “magic”.

However, since Oliver was always known to be more of a vigilante, who fights for justice, rather than a superhero who dashed across the city streets or flew in the air, pitting him against someone with supernatural strength was always going to be difficult. But they decided to go with Damien Darhk as the villain anyway.

And thus began the war between “light and darkness,” which was confusing in so many levels. If Darhk’s magic was not enough, he also stole nuclear launch codes to destroy the world with a bunch of missiles. And the only extra weapon that the Green Arrow, apart from his bow and arrows that is, is hope. This is where the season went haywire, as reflected by its less-than-impactful finale.

‘Arrow’ Season 4 Finale Review

For more than halfway into the finale, Darhk comes down hard on the Team Arrow, with Oliver having no way of even defending himself, let alone defeat Darhk. Even his all-inspiring speech felt flat in the chaos and utter desperation of finding a way to defeat Darhk, reports

Shockingly, despite having maintained all through the last season that he is not a killer, he makes an exception for Darhk and stabs him to death, reports IGN. So what was the point of him deciding to spare the lives of most of the bad guys in the previous seasons?

To top it all, unlike the positive finale of “Arrow” season 3, where Oliver rode off into the sunset with Felicity, the season 4 finale saw a Team Arrow that had lost their vigor to fight. Everyone decides to take a vacation – Thea takes the time off to reflect on the person she was becoming; Diggle resigns to join the military as a way of dealing with the decision to kill his brother.

Amidst all of the depressing events, one barely takes notice when Oliver is sworn in as the mayor of Star City.

The creators sure have to come up with something a lot better if “Arrow” Season 5 does not want to go down in flames, like the season 4 finale did.

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